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The First Year of Marriage Journal (Spiral Bound)

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The First Year of Marriage Journal is a keepsake for newlyweds! I've always wished I'd kept a journal during that first year of marriage, when it was all new, and fresh, and for the  most part, happy! I'd show it to the kids, so they knew at one point, mom and dad weren't consumed with driving kids to activities. We had fun, and enjoyed each other's company. We ate meals without having to cook three different foods to satisfy so many picky eaters! You know, when there was less fighting, and more loving. 

Plenty of writing pages are provided, along with blank pages to attach photos, or special keepsakes from the first year of that newlywed life. 

A unique aspect of this journal is the writing prompts provided to inspire any new parent to write from the heart, without having to ask the question "what am I supposed to write about?" However, if you want to ignore the writing prompts, no problem. There's empty journal pages to fill with anything desired.

It's the perfect way to capture life's big moments in one beautiful place, so future generations will have a memento that can be passed down year, after year. Curious minds always want to know "what life was like" for their relatives, and loved ones. Now, it's easy to share with one journal!