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The First Year of Life with Your Fur Baby Journal (Spiral Bound)

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The First Year of Life with Your Fur Baby Journal is a keepsake for newly minted pet owners! I've been a dog lover, and owner, since I was born. My mother's first "baby" was a dog, and dogs have always been considered family to us.

Over the years, I've owned a couple of hamsters; rabbits; birds; and, of course, dogs. When I got my first "fur baby" in 1999. He was mine, and mine alone. He was the first baby in my life, and remained that way until I he passed in 2016. I miss him every day, and often look at our photos together through our years together.

What I failed to do? Write about our first year together, and all the crazy things he did. I remember all of them, with great detail, and have started to write them down just to help with the healing process. However, some details are hazy, and I wish I'd written all of these amazing stories down when they were fresh in my mind.

Which is why I created this journal for new fur baby parents!

Plenty of writing pages are provided, along with blank pages to attach photos, or special keepsakes from the first year of life with your fur baby. 

A unique aspect of this journal is the writing prompts provided to inspire any new parent to write from the heart, without having to ask the question "what am I supposed to write about?" However, if you want to ignore the writing prompts, no problem. There's empty journal pages to fill with anything desired.

It's the perfect way to capture life's big moments in one beautiful place, so you can keep all those memories alive long after that first year is over. Plus, when those fur babies get on your nerves later on in life, break out your first year journal to remind yourself just why you love them, and how far they've come since that first year.